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Literary and Quiz Cell

     Literary and Quiz Cell is a student club where students can perform to enhance their talent of becoming writers, quizzers, debaters, readers, actors and creative minds confluence to come up with some awesome events.

       Quizzar aims to enhance the general awareness of the students and also encourage them to think beyond their regular academic curricula. Quizzar conducts activities such as dumb charades, interactive and general quizzes, crosswords, etc. In new and innovative ways that make them interesting and relevant for all the students.

Prof. S. Afsar Ahmed,

Co-ordinator - Literary and Quiz Cell

Literary and Quiz Cell Reports

Waste Management Orientation Programme for Menials on 1.4.22

Waste Management Workshop on 1.4.22

Drawing competition Report, conducted 25.05.2021 to 26.05.2021 

National Level Online General Knowledge Quiz Organised on 12.10.2020

One Day Quiz organised in our college on 28.02.2020

Brand Quiz, Intra-collegiate competition organized on 7.02.2020