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"For the Women - By the Women - 0f the Women"
            Khidmathun Nisa started in the year 2016, the Women's Cell of our college has been founded with the aim of women upliftment and women empowerment in the communityin generaland the rural areas that come within Amburtaluk and the neighboring areasin particular. The focus being women, the cell is an exclusive one with only women members in it. The motto is "Serving Women" KhidmathunNisa. With the complete support and backing from the Secretary & Correspondent and Principal of our college, this women's cell is an organization For the Women, By the Women & Of the Women.
           The total progress and development, upliftment of any society and community depends much upon the indulgence and involvement of the women folk in all the spheres of life. There needs to be an understanding and awareness in women about what role they play for the betterment and welfare of their people. So,with a goal, an ambition and the noble purpose of enlightening the young women folk of our community, the Khidmathun Nisa team of Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur has come with the mission of upgrading and updating them with newer and brighter sides of life for a better tomorrow.
The Khidmathun Nisa aims as follows and hopes to achieve greater heights with your support:
1. Conducting Awareness programs on women empowerment and upliftment.
2. Visiting nursery and primary schools, to find out its requirements in basic education and chalking
out plan accordingly.
3. Giving emphasis on girl child education.
4. Counseling students from higher classes in X standard towards selecting and striving for the
higher education.
5. Counseling girl students in XII standard to choose the right career by providing a guideline about
the scope they have for higher studies.
6. Health and Hygiene Awareness Program for primary and secondary students.
7. Special Classes for weak students.
8. Counseling dull students towards continuing education to reduce school dropout rate.
9. Health and Hygiene Awareness Program for women in rural areas, in and around Ambur.
10. Preaching moral values and its importance to the younger generation.
11. Spreading environment friendly message.
12. Educating Mothers about the importance of girl child education.
13. Awareness program on young mother and child care schemes by the government for rural women.
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