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Mazharul Uloom College was started with the objective of uplifting all communities irrespective of cultural, regional, linguistic, commercial, socioeconomic and other diversities. The college, true to its vision of its founders, caters to learners at large transcending the limits of caste, color, class and creed.  Our college is distinct in imparting secular education in concurrence with the constitution of India. Our college aims at providing quality higher education to neighbouring communities who live in remote villages.

The overall student strength of the college is 927, which includes all the community students. Fee structure of college is very less compared to other nearby colleges and students from less privileged, down trodden families and rural area students find it easy to get admission in our college. Admission is also given to the students who have scored minimum passing marks in the qualifying examination which is the hallmark of the college.  Some students from a nearby rural area have got admission in our college to get enrolled in NCC as it is very active in our college.

First Generation Graduates

Many students from rural area are admitted and most of the students admitted are first generation graduates. Their parents are uneducated either due to poverty or ignorance and for such parents their ward’s education is a dream to be fulfilled. Also, students come from a background where basic education too was very difficult for them to have accessed who aspire to become graduates. In spite of the fact that such students come from very challenging background, these students make their way to the college and such students are identified and encouraged specially so that nothing stops them from completing their course and becoming first generation graduates.

Scholarships / Free-ships

Ambur Muslim Educational Society (AMES) was started with the objective of uplifting Muslim minorities, helping poor and under privileged people and overall development of our society. The Muslims of this region are socially backward and economically marginalized and the main aim of this Society is to uplift and make them capable and skilled to face the challenges of the global market by providing holistic education. Students who are financially poor and who are unable to afford the fees are identified and helped by the management throughout their course of study in this college. Scholarships and endowments are made available to the students so that the students’ study is not stopped or disturbed at any point of time. Apart from the Government scholarships, management and Philanthropists and our own faculty members extend their helping hand to the needy and the poor students of our college by paying their fees and buying books and other things. Circulars are sent to the students, time to time, informing and reminding to apply and renew their scholarships and our college is very particular in this regard, so that no student is left with the privilege available.



Earn While Learn


The college functions in two shifts, Shift I & II with different timings. Shift I timing is 8.00am to 1.45pm and Shift II timing is 2.00pm to 6.45pm. This timing is very convenient for the students who do part-time job in nearby companies and other places to meet their educational expenses and also to support their family. Some students who have taken up course in shift I are going for work in the evening after their college hours and some students who have taken the course in shift II are going for Job in the morning and attend classes in shift II without compromising with the college timings. The Shift system of our college paves way for the financially weak students to Earn while Learn and support to the family and their own studies.

Special attention is given to these students by arranging special classes. Department of Economics provides breakfast to such students to make them attend the classes without any hindrance, which is also the best practice of that department.


Quality Enhancement Measures


Slow learners are identified in the beginning of the academic year after the conduct of first continuous internal assessment tests and encouraged accordingly. Slow learners are given special coaching by arranging bridge courses and remedial coaching classes to improve their comprehension level, standard and mental caliber.

Many short-term, value-added and certificate courses are offered by various department of the college to enhance the quality of education of our students so that they can get good employment after their studies. Students of our college actively join in these courses and have got benefitted largely. Guest lectures, seminars, webinars, workshops and training programmes are organized regularly by all the departments and by CGPC of our college to mould the overall personality, aptitude and competency of our students. These Certificate courses, value-added courses, Guest Lectures, seminars, webinars and Workshops have proved fruitful for the students to excel in their career and higher studies which is evident from their academic progression and their end semester results. Students are engaged in hand-on experience to connect theories and knowledge acquired in the classroom to real world situations by taking active participation in organizing such programmes.

Students are adept at managing and organizing departmental events, college day and sports day celebrations and other such programmes which train them in participative management and leadership skills. Our college encourages students to explore extra-curricular talents by enrolling at least in one of the many Support service cells of our college.

Our college encourages quality higher education to all the students by providing numerous opportunities and various platforms through which our students can hone their talents and expand their horizons which prepares them to face the outside world whereby making them seamlessly fit into the fabric of the society.