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Department of Urdu was established in the Year 1969. Urdu Department got One MRP in the year 2013 and successfully completed it in the stipulated time of 2 Years on 2015.  Urdu Department conducts International & National Seminar every year.  Urdu Department published one UGC seminar proceedings and a book of seminar articles by name “Indian Cultural Element In Urdu Literature”.  Urdu Department has Department Library with 500 books and the staff and students are benefitted from the library.  Dr. K.H. Kaleemulah, edited a book “ Mazhar-e-Adab" which is the existing book for All UG - Urdu Foundation classes affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University.  Urdu Department Faculties  present & publish papers in various Seminars & Conferences. Urdu Department Faculties publish papers in UGC Care Listed Journals.


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Dr. K.H Kaleemullah M.A., M.Phil., N.E.T., Ph.D.,

Head, Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor

Assistant Professor of Urdu published a paper on “Moulana Azad ka Siasi Tadabbur” at “Qaumi Zaban” Monthly Int

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Mr. P. Mohamed Jafar M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor