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Mentor-Mentee Scheme

Under this scheme all students of the College are divided into a number of batches and each batch is placed under a particular member of the staff whom they can consult in all matters where advice is required whether in his studies or in the ordinary affairs of life.  Each Mentee/student is expected to meet his Mentor atleast once a fortnight at such time as may be fixed by the Mentor and given him an account  of what he has been doing during the fortnight and get, if needed the Mentor’s advice on any matter.

Mentor-Mentee meetings are conducted periodically by each Mentor for giving the Mentee/students proper guidance on matters of academic and general interest. No Mentee/student should be absent from these meetings without permission Every Mentor sends in a report on each of his Mentee.Character Certificates are issued by the Principal on the basis of these reports.

Every application for leave should be submitted only through the Mentor, and in case when the Mentor is not satisfied with the grounds on which the leave is asked for, leave will not be granted. Applications submitted directly to the Principal will not be entertained