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Students Discipline and Conduct

Rules and Regulations

  • Student shall wear College ID Card all the time in the campus.
  • Students shall wear clean, decent and respectable dress.
  • At the stroke of the first bell, they must be seated in their respective classrooms.
  • Students must observe silence inside the class.
  • Students shall not loiter about in the verandah during the class hours. Gathering in groups and making noise in the College premises are strictly forbidden. While moving from one class to another, they shall not create any disturbance or make any noise.
  • If, for any reasons, there is no class, students must make use of the library or the playground.
  • No student shall leave the College premises during the College hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • When classes are dispersed, students are to leave the rooms in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Student should enter the classroom with the permission of the member of the staff concerned.
  • As a mark of culture and courtesy, every student shall greet the members of the teaching staff when he meets them first in the day.
  • When a member of the staff enters the classroom students shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till the teacher takes his or her seat. Similarly, students should remain standing when he or she leaves the class.
  • Students are expected to keep the premises of the College neat and tidy. They are forbidden from smoking anywhere in the College premises, scribbling on the wall, scratching on or damaging furniture or throwing about litter in classrooms, passages or open space in the College premises. Disfiguring the walls, furniture, garden etc., is strictly prohibited and punishable. Students should not disturb or change the order of the college furniture unless and otherwise instructed. They will be fined / punished for any damage caused by them. If the offender is not traceable, a collective fine will be levied.
  • Students shall be regular and punctual in attending classes and in all activities connected with the College.
  • Food or any other eatables are not allowed inside the Classroom, Halls or Verandah.
  • Students shall not organize or attend any meetings in the College or collect money for any purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to participate in the matches and competitions not conducted by the College without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from entering the College Office. However, they may be allowed inside with prior permission on official work.
  • No students shall be a member of any association unconnected with the College without the previous permission of the Principal nor shall a student take part in any anti-social and subversive activities prejudicial to the ideals of the College. Students contravening these rules are liable to be punished with cancellation of scholarships, fee concessions etc., granted to them and it will also be open to the Principal to issue the transfer certificate at any time during the academic year to them.
  • Students should cultivate a sense of dignity, responsibility and order. They should learn to think straight and develop aesthetic sense. In general, students are expected to conduct themselves in and outside the College as gentlemen and maintain the honour and dignity of their Alma Mater and not to do anything to tarnish the image of the College.
  • For the functions organized by the College the Principal shall be the ex-officio chairman.
  • Students should not do anything by word or deed that may disturb the unity and harmony of life of the College. However, they may approach the authorities concerned individually to express their requirements and redress their grievances.
  • Guests to the College must be received and treated with courtesy.
  • The College stands above politics of all communities. Therefore, any activity prejudicial to this is strictly prohibited and violation will lead to severe punishment including expulsion of the offender.

Mentor Guidance - Counselling

  • In order to help the student have a pleasant time in the campus, mentors guidance and counselling will be given to them during their three years of stay.
  • A student will have same mentor for his /her entire course of study and will help the students in the following matters.

During the student's period of study

  • Maintaining the student's profile
  • Maintaining the nominal role
  • Maintaining the student's attendance records
  • Giving details regarding the subject codes to the students
  • Guiding the students in choosing the non-Major papers, preparing the list and submitting it to the office
  • Counselling the students
  • Meeting with the parents
  • Keeping track of the students to principal of any matters relating to his study, examination etc
  • Recognizing the talents and giving proper guidance
  • Issue of calendars / magazines / ID cards
  • Checking that the students wear ID cards all time in the campus

During the time of examination

  • His/ her attendance position and eligibility for appearing for the examination
  • Condonation, detainment, fee defaulters if any and representing the matter to the principal along with the students' requisition
  • Assigning of CIA internal marks
  • Helping the students in filling up of the examination forms
  • Issue of Hall Tickets

When the results come

  • Keeping track of his examination results - his passed papers and arrears if any.
  • Interacting with students the reasons for poor performances if any.